Why every country home needs a sandblaster

If you’re living out in the country with your family, you know that the time will come that you’ll eventually have to strip paint from a surface of an old tractor, your car, or even remove gunk and paint from your home’s exterior wall. Sandblasting is a solution to all of these issues, and it’s good to have one on hand. Apparently, sandblasting is no longer considered safe by health authorities, as it leads to some rare forms of lung cancer. This type of blasting has been replaced gradually with dustless blasting, which is an abrasive tool that fills the same role as sandblasting without all of the health risks.

I spoke to an expert from Bare All Blasting, a local company that specialises in dustless blasting: “The matter of fact is, dustless blasting is a lot safe than sandblasting,” Greg from Bare All Blasting stated passionately, “There are machines available which allow you to use glass particles, shredded tire, plastic beads, or just about any type of abrasive material available to blast away gunk, paint, and material from any surface. These machines are fairly expensive, so if you just need it occasionally for one or two jobs, I might be handy to keep a dustless blasting company in your address book.”

I wasn’t ready to invest in this technology yet, but like all self-sufficient women living in rural areas, I was more than happy to get the latest knowledge on which technology I should and shouldn’t be using. After all, my family’s health is more important to me than anything.

What are your thoughts on this critical tool? Do you use sandblasting services or do you own a blaster? What do you use abrasives for on your farm or at your country home? Leave your comments below or write in to our E-mail, and we’ll feature your comments in a follow-up article!

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