Learning computer repair with local women

Headlines in newspapers, magazines, and blogs have been reading the same lately: “Women are fast replacing men in technology industries.” There are more women than ever graduating from college and moving into tech careers, and I think it’s topical to start talking about why women need to think about developing practical skills with computers. Rather than relying on your wiz kid son or your techie husband to fix up your technology, why not embark on your own journey to master your own technology, perform your own home computer repairs, and solve issues with your software and the hardware inside of your computer?

Adee.Melbourne are PC Repair Specialists in Pakenham with a lot of female techs. I had the chance to speak to Clara, who has been repairing computers since she was 13, “I’ve worked for Adee for a while, and I’m really happy here,” She expressed with excitement, “It’s amazing to think that so many young women are entering into the technology sector. I really love repairing computers, and despite the stereotypes that information technology and computer repair is a male-dominated industry, the truth is, there are a lot of women who want to get into this field who are passionate about computers.”

It’s no wonder that more people than ever—both men and women—want careers in technology. In the 21st century, we’re using communications technology more than ever to stay in touch, to find jobs, and even to make money online! If you’re living out in the country, you need to be especially vigilant about the technology you use, because when it goes down, you’re a long trek away from the city where the majority of computer repair companies are located. Like all other domains of country living, you have to learn to be self-sufficient, and computers are no exception to this maxim.

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