Famous websites designed by women

As we’ve covered in other articles on this website before, more women than ever are pursuing careers in computers and technology, and that extends to the artistic side of the digital world as well. I wasn’t aware of this, but nearly half of the websites online today are designed by women, which is pretty cool! Some of the biggest and most active websites on planet Earth have been designed by young women who are leading the charge. I’m inspired by the fact that a lot of girls will be able to aspire to careers traditionally dominated by men.

I spoke to Web Designer Zaaax located in Melbourne about this phenomenon, “Yes, there are a lot of women in the web design industry. As a matter of fact, did you know that the head of YouTube’s graphic design team is female?” I found that pretty astounding, “Google employs a ton of women on their design team, which balances out the traditionally male-led industry that is graphic design and brings fresh perspectives to web design. After all, if half of the planet is female, don’t you want a female perspective when you’re designing effective, engaging websites for a wide variety of customers?”

All good points. As I continue to explore the role of women in society, as a self-sufficient woman living in the rural areas, I’m inspired by tales of young women doing incredibly well in male-dominated industries. It’s amazing that the world continues to change, and the entry of so many inspired young female artists into the world of web design is sure to deliver better products and better user experiences for all visitors.

If you’re a young woman and you’re pursuing a career in technology, please write to us using our contact form! We’d love to feature your perspective in a follow-up article. We’re looking to speak to more young female professionals!

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